Supervised Visitation

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At the request of Itasca County Health and Human Services, Ross Resources will provide supervised visitation for parents and their children. This is done by a trained Ross Resources staff, known as a Supervised Visitation Partner, either at the Ross Resources office, in the home, or in the community. Visits can be scheduled during the day or in the evening, as well as on weekends if necessary. These visits can be numerous times per week and/or month as well as any length requested by the referring agency. Transportation for the parents and/or children can also be provided by Ross Resources staff. The referring agency requests staff to monitor certain things based on the family’s case plan and documentation from each visit is submitted to the referring agency. 

There are many different situations that may benefit from Supervised Visitation Services. Private pay visitation services are also available. For more information contact Program Director Heather Lovdahl by phone at (218)328-6434 or click here to email.