Children’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management Services, CMH-TCM, are activities that are designed to help a child and their family coordinate needed mental health services.  Case Management services include assisting a family in accessing services including social services, educational services, health services, recreation services and related services in the area of volunteering, advocacy, transportation, and legal services.  Case Managers assist families in obtaining a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to determine eligibility.  Once determined, Case Managers assist families in developing an Individual Family Community Support Plan that assures continuity of care.  Case Managers are required to consistently assess and reassess the delivery, appropriateness and effectiveness of services over time.

A child is determined to be eligible for case management services by the County if they have a mental health diagnosis that is causing interference in multiple life areas, (school, home, peers, and community).  The mental health diagnosis could include ADHD, anxiety disorder, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, etc.  CMH-TCM is a voluntary service offered to families to assist with service coordination.

Adolescents ages 5-18 are eligible for services, and services can continue for youth over age 18 if they so choose and they are still enrolled in school. CMH-TCM services can continue into the adult mental health system if needed and the Case Manager can assist in that transition process.

There is no charge to families for this service; CMH-TCM can be billed through MA, IMCare and private insurance.

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Children’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management

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