Truancy is an issue of immense proportion and displays significant long-term consequences, not only for the truant youth and their parents, but to the quality of life in our communities.  Truancy, often called the “gateway crime”, has long been a point of frustration for County Social Service Departments, Probation Departments and schools alike. Turning school attendance around and engaging the family at an early age is critical to the well-being and success of the student for the future.

Throughout Itasca County we have 4 school districts, all of which are serviced by the Itasca County Truancy Prevention Program (ICTPP).  Truancy Prevention Specialists (TPS) provide direct service to at-risk youth with identified attendance issues and their families.  TPS offices are located in each of the assigned schools to promote accessibility of services to students, families and school staff. TPS provide linkage between home, school, courts, probation, social services, and other community agencies when coordinating prevention and intervention services.

The ICTPP is a collaboratively funded effort of the Itasca County Family Services Collaborative, whose membership includes; Independent School Districts #316, #317, #318, and #319, Itasca County Health and Human Services, Itasca County Probation, Public Health, KOOTASCA, Children’s Mental Health Services/REACH inc., and North Homes Inc.

For more information on the Truancy Prevention Program, please contact Program Director Kim Geislinger at 218-328-6434 or click here to email

Truancy Prevention Program

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